Monday, February 4, 2008

Who would'a thunk it?

This is what a lot of the reporters have said, referring to the Giants' Superbowl XLII win. We watched the game last night, and rooted for NY of course. No major expectations. We enjoyed the thought of the Giants beating the favored New England Patriots. You gotta love the underdogs. And look what happened! The game took a huge turn during the 4th inning, when much of the action happened. We were bored the first three quarters. And sorry, not one of us knew the band that played at half-time until they sang Free Fallin and all of us went... "Aaaah, so they were the ones who sang that song." Now we know them of course, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Great night. Historic win for the NY Giants!
'can't wait to congratulate our friends who are die-hard Giants fans!!! You know who you are!

P.S. Albert and I were watching the news after the game, and everytime he heard "Who'd a thunk it?" -- he'd turn to me and ask, "Is that a real word? No one ever says "I thunk about you". Exactly. My dear husband... so proper!

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