Thursday, January 31, 2008

Save the the Farm!

Speaking of birthdays, I finally booked B's party at the Queens County Farm. It's the Sunday after his first birthday. Save the date, my friends! :P Invites to follow. We hoped to get the Saturday slot, but both the Educ building and the Pavilion have already been reserved. Haay... to think that last December, I even thought that I may be too eager to be checking out venues and to be making inquiries for an April party. Not!

Next on the list: invites, decor, menu, birthday boy's outfit
Favors? Check.

The COOLEST birthday gift

My first birthday as a mom, and guess what B did today... he walked on his own! What a cool present to show Nanay!!! It so made my day!

Thanks, darl, for my hat and scarf set. Love it! Thanks to Mama, Papa, Ron, and Mariel for the jewelry. To my thoughtful biyenan, thanks for the pretty blouse (that I wore to work today). A shout-out to the Sisons for the nice black top. To all my friends who called, emailed, and texted to greet me... salamat!!!

My co-workers held a belated cake party for me today! How sweet! Thanks ladies!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What do I want for my birthday?

Can I win this??? :) Seriously, I don't have anything to ask for. I have the finest hubby. (I love you, darl!) We have the baby of our dreams. My supportive and thoughtful family is here. I have a great set of really.good.friends. And work is okay. My needs are met, and I'm one happy and content momma.

No dinner plans for tomorrow. I'll be off to work late in the afternoon, but I'll be back home to spend the rest of the evening with family. My first birthday as a mom!!! HOW COOL!!!

I have a date on Friday. Boxing records I'm guessing we'll do winter restaurant week, but it's up to the boss. I'll post about it over the weekend.

I'm sleepy. ZzzzZZzzz..

Monday, January 28, 2008

'live here, 'love it

It's home away from home. The Mets rock! Flushing is the site of the US Open. Queens is the coolest borough in NYC. When in Chinatown, we get transported to Binondo or Ongpin. We can get Filipino food anytime. The city offers a diverse and rich culinary experience. The public library system works. Public transportation is highly efficient. Neighborhood parks are well-kept, and some even have Wi-Fi access. Spotting a celebrity is typical.

Five boroughs, one city = varied choices, many must-sees, countless events, scores of fun

It's a multicultural, multilingual, multi-everything experience.