Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's High: My Grocery Savings

So I wanted to talk about coupon power. It started out at BJ's where I used 10 coupons (manufacturer's and in-club) and saved $26.25! I had $5 off a box of Pampers baby dry, another $5 off Pampers wipes, $4 off Pampers cruisers, $4 off Tide and Downy, $2 off Nesquik, etc. Add $11 of instant rebates, and voila, a total of $37.25 extra savings! I'm a happy camper! This is the main reason why I selectively clip coupons to complement my shopping list, and very *seldom* leave home without it.

BJ's (and other warehouse club) prices are much less compared to regular grocery store prices because of bulk packaging. To lower the *lower* price is what I call savvy shopping. 'gotta trim our outlays.

Off to Waldbaum's next, viewed the circular and weekly specials, breezed through the aisles, picked this sale item and that, checked-out, used my valued shopper club card, and ka-ching, saved $40.75.

Last stop: CVS. 'needed Infant Motrin. 'shaved $1 off with my coupon, and somehow earned $1 of CVS money by using my Extra Care CVS card.

Truly, a great day of savings for me. No matter what other people say about loyalty club cards being a ruse and not really saving you money, I don't give a hoot. I know my products and how much they're worth, and I sure know when they are priced high, priced right, and priced-to-be-grabbed.

Hi! I'm Faye, and I shop smart.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Are you a fan of Rachael Ray?

This *may* be your chance to see Rachael Ray in person and see her show live!

('got this invite from one of my mommy groups.)


Send e-mail to:rrtickets@kingworld.com

You are invited to attend a special taping of the Rachael Ray Show!!!!


In celebration of Rachael's 40th birthday, we are having a special themed show and are inviting audience members who are turning 40 years of age to attend this special taping of the Rachael Ray show to help share Rachael's big day.

We are looking for Men and Women who are 39 years old (born in 1968) and /or turning 40 years of age between August- December only!

Please only reply back if you meet this requirement. Please note that this is a special one-time themed show to celebrate Rachael turning the big "4" "0". For this show ONLY, we will be admitting only those guests that meet the above requirement.

If you don't meet this requirement, we encourage you to apply to be a guest on another day, please visit our website at rachaelrayshow.com

Please reply with the following information:
Your name: ________________________________
Show Date: Thursday August 28th at 10:15 am
Number of tickets requested (4 is max): __________
Confirm that all guests meet this One-Time Age Requirement of being 39 years of age and/or turning 40 years old by the end of the year:___________________
(All guests must be 39 or turning 40 years old with valid identification for this special themed show. Photo ID's will be required for entry, No exceptions!)
Cell Phone/Daytime Phone: ____________________
Email: _____________________________________

Please include "RACHAEL RAY -"40th Birthday Show" in the subject line of your reply email.
We look forward to hearing from you soon and we are excited for you to be part of this special taping.

* After you reply, you will receive an email ticket for the showwith more information on Wednesday August 20th

PLEASE NOTE: This is a special taping for "Rachael's 40th Birthday" Only guests who are 39 years of age and/or turning 40 this year will be admitted. Even with confirmation, all Rachael Ray tapings are first come, first serve and admission is not guaranteed.

Rachael Ray
Audience Department

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NY Restaurant Week is on until Labor Day

Now that we've got more time --fellow foodies, let's devour!

Next on our list (if I can get dinner reservation): Blue Water Grille, 21 Club, and Tribecca Grill. I'm disappointed that River Cafe did not participate this year. We had lunch (a first, in our RW experience) at Morimoto, and it was all right. The salad appetizer, for me, was very simple and not as flavorful as I wanted it to be. I have yet to find a salad appetizer that will rival Columbia's; it's sooo good, your palate will immediately know the difference. It's been years ago since we were in this Sarasota restaurant, but I still get a flashback of the taste, the burst of flavor, the juicy ingredients...makes we want to fly to St. Armands Circle right now. But I digress...

Here's what calmed our grumbly stomach:

I must tell you that the egg was perfectly poached. Superb! The chef's sushi selection tasted delicious. Albert also ordered a spicy tuna roll for himself, and a california roll for me. We were stuffed, for sure. Oh, and they gave me two bowls of the Beef Gyudon. :P Guess why?

For dessert, they had teeny-tiny offerings of a bite-size brownie and some candies. I don't know, for some reason, it screamed at us like "Come on, what would you expect? It's Restaurant Week, people!" We ordered tea and called it a day.

My friends rave about Morimoto ("five stars! five stars!"), but they were there for dinner and they ordered from the regular menu. I'm sure the food was excellent. As for their RW lunch fare, we've really had better.