Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rainy Friday

My belated birthday dinner date pushed through despite the showery weather. We didn't pass up on winter restaurant week, and decided to go Japanese. He booked a reservation at Inagiku through OpenTable. We love restaurant week because it's that time of the year when we can dine at some of NYC's finest restaurants for less. Every winter and summer, a good number of restaurants offer a three-course lunch for $24.07 or dinner for $35. Sweet deal, especially if you know that your lunch tab at River Cafe for example can run anywhere from $55 to $80 pp. Restaurant Week is our excuse to try out restaurants that we won't usually go to if there is no occasion. ;)

I drove to the city and met up with him at Waldorf (after circling the area for about 25 minutes looking for parking and ending up in a garage anyways). Okay, so no entrance from within the hotel and we had to walk out again. Fast forward to dinner... everything was, uhm, 'okay'. Nothing much can be said. I was loking forward to trying their wagyu beef (ishiyaki steak that was grilled at our table on a super hot stone) and I thought was going to be awesome, but it wasn't. What saved Inagiku from it's lack of wow factor was my fine date. Really. On our way out, we were so tempted to have a 2nd dinner at Smith & Wollensky which was down the block, BUT we thought about the baby so we're off to the garage. By then, it was pouring. We managed to stay dry because we each brought an umbrella. Sure, it would have been sweet to cuddle together and use just one but we're not feeling it tonight. Not willing to get soaked. As we drove home, we concluded that it was still a fun date night because (stop here if you don't want to ready the mushy part)...
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