Sunday, February 17, 2008

This weekend: Dim Sum & Museum combo

February's Kitty Party* was hosted in Chinatown (not the one by us, but in Manhattan) yesterday. It was market day, so it's extra busy. I was resolute to look for street parking, even if it meant walking a couple of blocks (after all, we were going to binge on dim sum). 'found a spot just a little past Chatham Square (by Madison St.) and it was not a meter! Yey!

Our group gathered at around 1:30pm at Ping's, a seafood place in favorite Mott St. 8 out of the 10 members were present, and 6 of the 8 were ready to win $2grand. :P So we feasted on dumplings, siu mai, har gow (hakaw), calamari, steamed buns (siopao), black bean ribs, and mango pudding. Good food, good company. I must admit, though, we've had better dim sum at Flushing. :P

Local tip: Filipino stops at Chinatown include Hop Kee (their peking pork chops, cantonese crabs, kangkong, house special fried rice are the ultimate comfort food), Mei Lah Wah (for the steamed/white or baked/brown siopao , sweet bread), and Fong Inn Too (hot taho). They're all in close proximity to one another (Mott St./Bayard St.).


After the mass, 'nixed the trip to Tanger today and headed up to Stepping Stones Museum for Children to meet with the original Flushing gang. 'learned last night that they were going, so we decided to go too. It's just an hour away, and it's a weekend treat for our kids. The museum has a number of interactive, hands-on exhibits that are great for exploration, discovery, play, and learning. Most of our time was spent at Toddler Terrain where Butchukoy had a blast. He also enjoyed himself at Healthyville and Waterscape. What's really neat about the place is the different kinds of gear that are available to kids. In Waterscape, waterproof smocks are offered . In Rainforest Adventure, the children can put on a vest and "become" a scientist, complete with plastic magnifying lens and maps. Around the Healthyville gallery, there are aprons, scrubs, lab coat, stethoscope, and other accessories that can be used for role-playing. So cool! My little boy has had enough of the action by 4pm, his nap time. Even then, he was fighting off sleep and was continuing to soak it all in. It's been a great family day.

Note: I'll write about our Kitty Party next time. For now, try and guess what it is.


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naku i love the siopao from mei lah wah and love the food from Hop Kee!