Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On an elettric note...

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February 27, 2008
The Elettric Company
Elettaria Restaurant Opens

Enough with Ginger, Posh, and co. We’re way more excited about the reunion of the Spice Boys.

Akhtar Nawab and Noel Cruz jammed together at Craftbar — Nawab rocking the kitchen, Cruz rolling the front of house. They parted ways for other gigs but have reunited at Elettaria, their first solo restaurant, opening today.

The first-generation Americans are doing riffs on the flavors and spices of their homelands, India (Nawab) and the Philippines (Cruz). Wild boar with cumin. Saag paneer gnocchi with cloves. Fried coconut cream with ginger mousse and tamarind sorbet.

Elettaria (Latin for “green cardamom”) was once home to 8th Wonder, a venue where Jimi Hendrix performed. It still has a clubby feeling with velvet curtains, exposed brick, and an open kitchen where the cooks are very much on stage.

Pass the crab meat resala and take us to the bridge.
Elettaria, 33 West 8th Street, at Macdougal Street (212-677-3833).

Note: Text and pictures, from Daily Candy NY

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