Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's High: My Grocery Savings

So I wanted to talk about coupon power. It started out at BJ's where I used 10 coupons (manufacturer's and in-club) and saved $26.25! I had $5 off a box of Pampers baby dry, another $5 off Pampers wipes, $4 off Pampers cruisers, $4 off Tide and Downy, $2 off Nesquik, etc. Add $11 of instant rebates, and voila, a total of $37.25 extra savings! I'm a happy camper! This is the main reason why I selectively clip coupons to complement my shopping list, and very *seldom* leave home without it.

BJ's (and other warehouse club) prices are much less compared to regular grocery store prices because of bulk packaging. To lower the *lower* price is what I call savvy shopping. 'gotta trim our outlays.

Off to Waldbaum's next, viewed the circular and weekly specials, breezed through the aisles, picked this sale item and that, checked-out, used my valued shopper club card, and ka-ching, saved $40.75.

Last stop: CVS. 'needed Infant Motrin. 'shaved $1 off with my coupon, and somehow earned $1 of CVS money by using my Extra Care CVS card.

Truly, a great day of savings for me. No matter what other people say about loyalty club cards being a ruse and not really saving you money, I don't give a hoot. I know my products and how much they're worth, and I sure know when they are priced high, priced right, and priced-to-be-grabbed.

Hi! I'm Faye, and I shop smart.


Rhea said...

hi faye! got a tag for you here http://rheaangela.blogspot.com/2008/08/six-layers.html

happy weekend!

abby said...

hi faye! are diapers really cheaper at BJs/Costco? I was wondering if i should renew my membership for the sole reason of saving $ for diapers. I usually get coupons from Babies R Us also and i'm thinking if it pays to just renew from the warehouse club.

Faye said...

>>> abby, we did comparison shopping before and warehouse club's prices are cheaper compared to babies r us, target, or buy buy baby (even if you use their in-store coupons). if you renew your bjs/costco membership, they also send coupons every month or so and that adds to the savings. i haven't tried diapers.com because their prices are still $2-3 higher than bjs, but for the convenience (online shopping and free shipping), maybe it evens out.

i think you're better off renewing your membership. think of diaper wipes too, and later on, baby formula, baby food, etc. :)

anna said...

hello faye, just bloghopping. have a great week ahead :)

Olive said...

hi faye...naku ako rin. i have a small expaning folder where i keep my coupons and i don't leave the house without it. for my daily shopping needs, i go to ralph's for their double rewards but for bulk needs, i go to costco and take advantage of their monthly mvm.

i'm olive and a smart shopper too!

btw, link kita ha.