Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eggs-tremely Amazing!

I was on my way to a Family as Partners conference at NYU when I read about this Long Island couple in Metro (free newspaper in NY subway). On March 4, Tom and Allison Penn became parents to three identical babies! Let me say that again, identical!!! What are the odds??? Just one in 200 million! :P Way to go, Penns!

Note: Picture, from The Daily News.

The couple (who had difficulty conceiving) are now blessed with three beautiful boys. They went through in vitro fertilization, had a single egg transferred, and the amazing egg split, and then one half split again. This occurrence is definitely one for the books. Many people put back two or three embryos, and then pray for the miracle that one would at least take. As we've been in that rollercoaster ride, I have heard many times over that it takes just one egg to do the job. In the Penn's case, what a hardworking egg!!!

Send me some fertility dust, Allison!


leah said...

wow, how fertile can they get! :)

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rheaangela said...

that's really amazing! three's a charm. hehe. i've got something for you in my blog at:

Mec said...

wow... hardworking egg indeed :)

Mommy Elvz said...

That's really amazing! :)